Upgrade Finder not reading GV gear

After reset I went to GV and look at my gear choices. I then went to my bank and open it and my bag. I wait a few seconds and then clicked my AMR addon. I copied and pasted into the Import from Addon. When I scrolled down to Upgraded Finder and selected Great Vault it didn’t see any new items. I tried again. Same “you don’t have any Great Vault rewards”. I went and pulled out the item I felt was an upgrade and did the process again but this time I used Best in Bag. AMR told me to put on the new piece I just took from the GV.

I would need to see the export string that you got when you had great vault rewards available to troubleshoot this. If you have already redeemed your reward this week, then next week if the same thing happens, post the string here before you choose your reward and we can take a look.

same problem , but after other copy & paste , resolve