Upgrade finder not using suffused armor owned items in catalyst rankings


When I use the upgrade finder with the catalyst option, it is only showing a champion level chest I own in the rankings (world boss drop). When I actually use the catalyst, it will allow transformation of the chest as well as every piece of suffused armor I own (both Champion and Veteran types).

Thanks as always for the assistance.

I’ll add those to the list of gear that can be catalyzed – the initial list was based on a guess from season 1.

Do you happen to know if only the higher ilvl veteran and champion versions can be transformed, or can the lower level explorer or adventurer versions also be used?

I checked the notes and they indicated that gear from Fyrakk Assualts would be eligible, and that would equate to anything in the suffused armor types. That said, I can only verify from personal experience the veteran and champion versions. I will check my alts and see if I can find any with the lower tiers and respond back with the results.

I found an alt that had both adventurer and veteran suffused armor versions in their bags, and the catalyst was only allowing the veteran version as an eligible transform. Based on that, it seems only veteran and above suffused armor versions are eligible at this time.

Thanks for the info – yeah right now I limited it to epic/purple quality gear, which would be veteran or higher.