Upgrade finder - overated trinket?

Hoy !

I was looking trough Upgrade finder to see what i could hope for the vault.

And came accross this trinket. IT seems overtuned compare to any other potential trinket.
Could you take a look ?

So… as far as I know, that item doesn’t diminish in AoE like a lot of other trinkets. That said… I believe it has a pretty narrow area of effect, so it is difficult to hit a lot of enemies with it. I can put something in to assume you won’t hit all targets with it in AoE situations, that should tone it down.

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Does it proc often ? I didn’t tried it. Maybe for big pulls it can really big nice even if it doesn’t hit everything. Do you have an idea on the size area ?

I haven’t tried it recently, but I have a note from back in Shadowlands that it is a very narrow cone directed at your target with a pretty short range, so in some cases it can even miss against a large boss (though that should be rare). Unless a pack of enemies are stacked almost exactly on top of each other, it will miss a few of them.

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