Upgrade finder recommends bonus rolling for excluded item I already have


The Upgrade Finder is suggesting I bonus roll for an item (Galecaller’s Boon) that I already have and is excluded from the selected BiB setup (Blood Abberation).

I can take a look… usually it will show your version and say that you already own it. But sometimes it’s really hard to predict which bonus IDs Blizzard will put on items, so it’s probably not recognizing the one that you have as the “same item” because of one of the bonus IDs (i.e. we don’t treat a heroic version of a raid drop as the same item as a mythic version of that item, even though the item ID is the same).

I’ll see if we can adjust to handle this case.

For Shadowlands, I’m working on building a system that will deal with all these crazy bonus IDs more consistently.

Thanks for the response :slight_smile: Sorry Blizzard’s item system is crazy pants!

Just to follow up, I didn’t forget about this! I should have a fix for it in the next website update (in a day or two).

Blizzard uses two different bonus IDs to indicate that an item is the “Mythic 15” version of an item – we were assuming one ID but it seems that they used the other for that trinket. Who knows how they decide which one to use – I put in code to avoid the problem and treat the items as equivalent no matter which bonus ID it has.