Upgrade Finder - Rogue Tier Helm - wotlk

When using the upgrade finder it is not showing the 25 Nax Tier helm better than the Nax 10 version.

I believe this is due to the equip stats not being applied in the thumbnail.

Snapshot ID: 5e519032031a4f038714cb377d661ce9

I’ll take a look, I think it has something to do with the meta gem being deactivated when ranking helmets in the list.

We change those “equip” lines to be normal stats – see the tooltip on our site has e.g. +170 Attack Power instead of “Equip: Increases attack power by 170”.

We do that because we think the “equip” lines on the in-game tooltips are a dumb way to show it.


Ah alright yep I what you mean, my mistake in missing that. I feel that should be correct with the meta not being calculated with it only being a .24% decrease.

Thank you!

Looks to be working now!

Thanks guys!