Upgrade Finder - Season 3 PvP Gear

Will AMR have PvP gear enabled in the upgrade finder this time around? I asked the last two seasons and it was on the “to-do list” but never got implemented; quite annoying considering AMR used to be a great tool for finding upgrades before the updates. Would love to find a use for it again!

I’ll take a look and see if I can do something simple, even if it’s not perfect. The problem is that there is so much PvP gear in the item data that are all essentially duplicates of each other, can be tough to figure out which are the “real” items that you can get, and what item levels are available, etc.

Any update to this? Haven’t been able to check back until now.

OT: Anything as fine as long as you can have it available to begin with, even if it’s not perfect on the source. Just a sliding item level scale would be needed really, or just listed to see azerite combinations tbh. FWIW, under 1600 the weekly chest is 425, the conquest cap item is 415 (azerite in this case). Random loot from winning sub 1600 is 400 ilvl, once you hit 1600 the random loot from winning games becomes 420 ilvl.

They posted ilvl per rating last season but I’ve not actually seen one this time around. Wish they would!

I posted an update today with some basic support for PvP gear.

On Best in Slot, there are two filters, PvP “type” (picks between Aspirant and Gladiator gear), and Item Level (lets you pick in 15 ilvl increments). There is also a filter on the right side of the per-slot lists for Best in Slot, Gear Check, and on the Simulator that lets you filter to None, Aspirant, or Gladiator.

There is a PvP Upgrade Finder search that lets you pick Aspirant or Gladiator, and then any item level in 5 ilvl increments.

As usual, in the item lists for Gear Check, Best in Slot, and the Simulator, you can modify any item to be warforged, have a socket, etc.

I’m not 100% sure what versions of what items are available from what sources for PvP, so this should just let you pick whatever version you feel like seeing, more or less.

The Combatant PvP gear shows up under Crafted searches.

I think that should be sufficient for people who want to see available PvP stuff, let me know if anything major is missing. The item data is always kind of a mess for PvP… there are a ton of items, all of which are more or less duplicates of each other… Blizzard really should consider a better system next expansion.