Upgrade finder useless

I am selecting LFR quality upgrades… and they are all ilvl 265+

Every item i have ever gotte in lfr is ilvl 236.

How I can ever get an ilvl out of LFR at that level is beyond me in the first place.

What I really need to see is what is my best reasonable upgrade I can try and find. a 1/1000 chance that an LFR item is going to be an upgrade really isn’t helpful. It doesnt show me anything between either - I have literally ZERO idea what bosses i should prioritize for, or even what Mode I should try to get get into for my gear level

Its the same with Normal; it shows item level 272+ but again if thats a 1/100 chance that ill get a boosted item… thats not helpful.

Can you please show what the advertised Ilvl is for each mode? at this point I might aswell just pay for a mythic run through because thats what the upgrade finder is telling me to do.

PLEASE submit a Snapshot ID of the character in question to allow for the best possible evaluation of what could be going wrong.

A Snapshot ID can be generated from the Help button of the relevant section of the site.

Thank you, in advance.

This is part of the update for season 4. We are showing items at their item level in the Fated raids at each difficulty.