Upgrade Finder visability

Asking about a quality of life change on the website. At my age, it’s hard to differentiate on some of the upgrades on the website. Some of them are obviously upgrades, and some of them are dim which I know means that they’re NOT upgrades, but some of the icons are hard to tell if they’re dim or perhaps just the color is off a bit. Would it be possible to maybe desaturate the ones that aren’t upgrades so they’re black and white, or perhaps put a border around the ones that ARE upgrades? Getting old sucks, don’t do it kids. :slight_smile:

The ones that are less opaque are still upgrades, you just have a lower chance of getting them because they are warforged. You can turn off smart mode if you don’t want those considered.

You can also mouse over them to see the tooltip, which shows the modification applied to it that would be required to make it an upgrade for you.

I struggle to see the dungeon upgrades too. In addition to dimness, I think it would help if there was another element such as border thickness or color. ie, high-chance items could be bright with thick gold border; while low-chance items could be dim with thin silver border.

Another thing you can do – just click on any boss, and it expands to show the individual items under it. That should help out a bit – the icons are just meant as a quick “at a glance” view of how many and how rare the items are you might want from a boss.