Upgrade Finder Weirdness


Showing items I own as “upgrades”. They are still on the list at the top with a green bar. I suspect this has something to do with them being upgradable as the items are all Champion not upgraded fully.

Also, on my warrior.


Upgrade Finder - Crafted. It shows my two-hand mace Obsidian Seared Crusher as 447 even though I have the base set as 424 - Rank 5. I wanted to research another crafted mace at 437 but it won’t show it.

For the first case, which upgrade finder search and which particular items are showing as upgrades that you own?

I’ll give some thought to the second case… right now it always replaces the item your settings would generate with a better one that you already own. I could see why in this case you might not want to do that though.

For the first case use the Flightstone/Crest setting. It shows my equipped 424 chest at the top with a green bar. But below shows a similar 424 ilvl chest as a .92% upgrade.

Here’s a screen shot.

I’ll take a look… it is correctly marking the item as “owned” so that you know there’s nothing to be done there. The order of the ranking probably has something to do with the gem/enchant threshold setting in Best in Bags… the upgrade finder can be quite tricky with that setting. Sometimes we disable it, I’ll have to dig into how that particular search is handling it.