Upgrade Finder when dual wielding identical weapons


I have one 252 Skyja’s Revenant Fury, and the Great Vault has offered me a second to hold in my other hand. However, the Upgrade Finder simply shows that I already Own the item. It’s not clear to me if that means it is a 0% upgrade from my current offhand of if the optimizer didn’t try it in my offhand at all. Any insight is appreciated.

I can’t find any reference to the Weapon being Unique equipped or Main Hand only, so it would be at your discretion to try dual-wielding them; I would go for other options, first, to get all slots BiS first, before trying.

I’ll take a look at this, it should show a score in this case.

Note that it might still say “Main Hand” next to it in the rankings after this change, but that simply means it put the vault item in your main hand and put your existing one in your off hand. It does try both mh/oh configurations when scoring.

Thanks! Upgrade Finder is showing a score now for Great Vault. However, the problem still exists for other Upgrade Finder searches, such as Raid and Add to my Bag.

I’ll take a look at those too and fix it in the next update.