Upgrade Finder with all sources

I am a returning player and last played with AskMrRobot in Pandaria, I think. Back in the day it was possible to get a list of all possible updates, not restricted by source/game mode.

Right now I can Find Upgrades in the different game modes like Great Vault, Raid, Mythic+ etc. but not for all sources.

I could technically click source by source and see possible upgrades, but that’s pretty complicated. Is there a possibility to see all available upgrades on a list with the % of overall increase?

I hope you got me :smiley:

The issue is performance… that method ended up getting pretty out of hand as the list could have over 1000 potential upgrades.

The different searches also use slightly different methods for optimizing as well. Great Vault, Catalyst, Flightstone/Crests and the manual “add to my bag” search all use a more thorough optimization method, but it is also much slower (we’re actually working to speed it up because long upgrade lists at the end of the expansion here are causing some performance issues).

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Thanks for the response, that sounds plausible to me.

I just remember that Pandaria had this feature, if I remember correctly.

If it’s not possible, it’s not possible! :slight_smile: Thanks anyways, keep up the good work.

We did have that feature, but the scoring functions were way simpler back in the day. We have moved on to more complex models that get better results, but can’t examine as many combinations as quickly.

That said, we’re always working on performance improvements, and always changing up the upgrade finder as people request different things. It is potentially feasible to combine some of the searches that use the “quick” scoring method (e.g. M+, raid searches) into a single search with filters instead. We’ll definitely put that on the list as we work on improvements.