Upgrade Finder?

Why is it showing me mostly titanforged gear when I have the filter set to None for Titanforged?

You probably have “Smart Mode” enabled. Smart mode will automatically improve the quality of items until they are an upgrade for you, and then show you an estimated “rarity” for that item, e.g. high-titanforged items are extremely rare. You can then filter based on your desired rarity threshold.

You can also disable smart mode with the checkbox at the top of the list.

One of the main uses of the upgrade finder is picking which bosses to bonus roll on. You can’t not have a chance to get titanforged gear when bonus rolling, so you would pretty much always want smart mode on for that use case.

Hmmm, odd because I HAVE gotten warforged gear on bonus rolls… but that was a while back.

BTW, I also was getting Antorus raid gear listed even though I had them turned off… seems I HAD to choose “raid gear” to not get them listed.

My guess is that you’re seeing Antorus BoE gear. In other words, gear from a raid you can acquire via AH as an example.

Yes – you most certainly can get warforged/titanforged gear on bonus rolls. That is why we implemented “smart mode” – so that you can see the rough probability that a bonus roll would yield an upgrade.

Indeed, they were all “world drop” so BoEs that can be purchsed… just that not until Antorus actually opens!