Upgrade with Valor Not Right since converting 4 pieces with Catalyst


I just upgraded a fourth piece of Mythic gear to Heroic Mythic gear using Catalyst. Up to this point, upgrade finder for valor has been working just fine.

I like how it allows me to decide which valor upgrades are worth it. Since converting the 4th piece, the Valor upgrade list seems broken. Gear I already have equipped shows as a downgrade if I upgrade, including all of catalyst converted gear. Note, I usually use it 1 level above my existing valor level for decision making.

Any insight or help is appeciated

Thanks for the post – there is definitely something weird going on here… I have narrowed it down to a strange interaction between the secondary stat customization and a particular set item in a particular slot (shoulder in this case) leading the optimizer down a dead end where it can’t find the correct solution.

(If you disable the secondary stat customization, then it works fine – that stat customization feature makes the optimization extremely tricky to code. I think something might be going on with the 2-piece raging tempests set bonus which gives a dynamic secondary stat, thus making it hard to balance the stats according to a custom ratio. Another way to avoid the problem while I try to fix it would be to exclude your two raging tempests set items and re-optimize.)

edit: another way to avoid the problem is to set the upgrade level to 9/13. This issue is very specific… it’s not just the particular items, it’s a very specific combination of stats causing the issue.

Thx for the reply. FYI my particular gear is the Haunted Frostbrood Remains. No issues until getting 4 equipped. I did notice that if I set the valor cap up a bit more things look normal. Not sure how to disable secondary stat customization, but will look. Really like AMR, thx again for getting back with me.

Go to the Customize tab of Best in Bags for the setup you want to change, uncheck “Customize how secondary stats are allocated”.

(Since you have it at the default of all stats equal, wondering if it got turned on by accident?)

Thx, not sure how that was turned on, anyway that solved my issue. Thx