Upgrading Concerns Regarding Legendaries & Individual Items VS Current Setup

I was looking for upgrades to my current gear setup and I started messing with the Upgrade Finder. It basically showed me that all the things were upgrades and I had my eye on the legendary crafted boots The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge. I clicked on the boots on my current gear and saw that it was #1 on the list so I grabbed a pair off the AH. Once I had it in my bag, I did a BiB. To my dismay, BiB showed that the two legendary items I already had equipped were still better and neither were worth switching out for my new legendary crafted boots. It was just 150K gold, no big deal, but it got me thinking.

How could have I known that this was going to happen in regards to AMR? The upgrade finder (in the Legendary category) shows that the legendary crafted boots were actually way higher on the list than both of my equipped legendary items. So, how did BiB decide that the boots weren’t worth using?

On a related note, is there a feature that allows us to input individual items and run it against our current gear that informs us whether it’s an upgrade or not? Kind of like BiB, but not directly connected to what you have in your bags. It could be any item…owned or not. It would be handier if you could do it for items you may get in the future, or an item that just dropped off the boss and you want to see if it would be an upgrade (or how MUCH of an upgrade) for you before you roll on it, or before your guild’s loot council deliberates who should get it.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: I was also looking at upgrades for my currently equipped helm and it only shows a single version of the ilvl 935 crafted Empyrial Deep Crown (Decimator). Does this mean that none of the other versions (Fireflash, Feverflare, etc) at 935 ilvl would be an upgrade for my ilvl 900 crafted Dreadleather helm? Also, I forgot this:

$52;US;Area 52;Frickfrack;Dead Human Collection;1;2;110;3:134,1:120,15:301,13:1;1;.s1;4;2223311;1000,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,314,32,131,1,1,1,134;4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,4,1;140824b1472b1813b3514,140821b1467b1813b3443,147087b1477b3528b3564;;.s2;5;3113311;1096,1,1,1,1,1,127,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,92,35,71,63,1,1,132;1,1,1,3,3,3,1,4,4,3,4,4,4,1,1,1,1,1,4,1,1,1;151011b3174b3397b3528,151006b3169b3396b3528,151008b3169b3396b3528;;.q1;127829s16b719x140824y-3z6266;1s17;1054s5b-118b78b10b1002b1717;3s1b-2807b78b10b1029b1690;1s7b-2807b78b10b1002b1717;1350s2b-2808b79b10b1055x-16868e5439;3738s6b1715b70b41;3114s9b-1759b1644;1285s15b-1973b1854b178;2s10b-2022b316b1529b177x0;2518s11b-2037b1859b178;587s14b-3473b1436b331b1528b130x0;935s8b-3424b1470b296b1529b131x0;4604s12b-1996b1864b228;2682s13b-1992b1956b45;2660s3b-2101b2056b86;.q2;128831s17;1s16b721x151011y-5z2;52s5b-120b78b10b1002b1717;3s1b-2807b78b10b1029b1690;1s7b-2807b78b10b1002b1717;1350s2b-2808b79b10b1055x-20789e5439;3738s6b1715b70b41;3114s9b-1759b1644;447s13b-3415b1532b1764b237;838s15b-2091b1854b178;2s10b-2022b316b1529b177x0;2518s11b-2037b1859b178;587s14b-3473b1436b331b1528b130x0;935s8b-3424b1470b296b1529b131x0;4604s12b-1996b1864b228;17s3b-2062b1834b226;.r;_;.inv;6948;2285;23195;319;7;16961;2363;932;34389;21677;0;0;0;0;7339;4895b604b968b1956b45;0b-2966b925b292b1704;2608;1;182;1;1;1;1;8;2;3;2;1;3;1;312;1;1;3320;9;80;0;456;401b-2928b79b10;127b32x151011y-5z2;52b-121b72b17b989b1730;1b-2808b69b20b1003b1716;0b-2808b72b17b987b1732;1b-2807b78b10b1002b1717;0b-2807b71b17b988b1731;1b-2808b70b19b989b1730;1b-2807b71b17b990b1729;1b-2808b74b15b996b1723;0b-2807b71b17b987b1732e5442;1b-2807b71b17b988b1731;268;34;3;1024;10b-2807b71b17b2654x-20761e-15;675;1279;7;9;31;522;818;0;7;911b-1826b209b1802;1924;226;75b-2927b75b13b2665x-28e0;309b-1543b1718b1;349b-2033b229b1802;166b-3488b1532b1764b237;105;736b-2101b341b1701;799;152b-3472b1450b313b1531;463;0;3;13;1;4;3;9;10;314;9;34;68;312;9;6;226b-1864b341b1701;95b-2027b326b1703;16;88;3;328;8;95;7b-2019b1840b129;152;47;218;88;1;2;183b-1989b249b1802;191;1;94b-2031b1839b132;111b-1971b1839b132e8;0b-1961b1830b131;2;0;0;0;0;1;1084;860b-1951b209b1802;2181b-69b111;193b-2028b1852b134;64;101b-2061b2061b36;11b-2062b1834b226;180;3747b-2005b1779b60;1b-1844b256b1588b132;2b-1976b1844b132;22b-1976b1844b132;18b-359b227b132;556;1;2;1;527;201;437;4;22b-2051b222b1637b293;168;3;69;182;9;0;0$

Ranking legendary items by themselves is tough to do. The upgrade finder is a much rougher estimate than best in bags in that case. We should add some messaging to clarify that on the upgrade finder. Think of the upgrade finder as very rough ballpark for legendary items and then best in bag (with adaptive strategies) as a good ranking. Without adaptive strategies you sort of have to pick legendary items on your own or by using some simulations.

I will have to get back to you on the crafted item in the upgrade finder. Our developer is out of town and he is the one who knows exactly what that is doing.

Thanks, I appreciate the reply.