Used AMR for about 4 months and have a few questions

Hello all, love AMR and am a paid up subscriber - makes my gear choices super easy.

Just having my first dabble in PVP and if I understand correctly gear doesn’t matter as it is all scaled to ilvl, is there some way that AMR can tell me my highest possible equipped ilvl from my bags - got 7 leggos now and almost a full bank of alternative gear - would be nice to have this automated.

Secondly is there a way when doing a gearing best in bags to tell AMR that NO i’m not going to change all the gems to something else and to instead tell me the best possible gear set for a given sim I’ve run keeping all the gems as I have them socketed? Im a fire mage and every time I re-sim it seems to want to switch between Crit gem recommends and Haste gems

Cheers guys keep up the good work

We don’t have anything right now that would automatically equip your highest ilvl gear. You could probably “trick” the best in bags by making a set of stat weights that just weights the primary stat WAY above anything else. The problem would be rings/trinkets you’d probably still have to do manually.

If you weight all secondary stats equally, it would probably just pick highest item level items too.

You can lock the gems into the items that are picked by BiB by clicking on the gem and choosing it again from the list. You’ll see an outline around it. Then you can use the “save and update” button to recalculate BiB with that constraint locked in. I think the limitation right now is that you have to lock the item in to also lock the gem in.

Understood re the PVP

Great news for the Gems - going to have a play now.