Using a legendary from a different specialization

I have seen things about using the Fiery Skybreaker’s for Enh Shaman with Venthyr and wanted to try it out. I was hoping to just pop in to the legendary customization and bump up the multiplier to force it to be used. Unfortunately, it’s not included in the list. I think I can understand why it might not be by default, but is it possible to add it in as something that can be geared around?

Heyo !
I am interested as well to see how this ones goes compare to other setups (specially when mates ask me to go venthyr on Hall of Attonement for exemple)

I tried to use it in the simulator with success except the resutl weren’t as good as the necrolord build. One note about those result : because i can’t select the 291 legendary there is a drop in iLvl but i dont think it justify almost 1k drop in DPS.
Current built Necrolord - 16k3 DPS
Fiery Skybreaker’s - Necrolord - MM+ scrit - 15k3 DPS
Fiery Skybreaker’s - Venthyr - MM+ script - 13k6 DPS

5 Targets :
Current build - Necrolord - 5 targets - 31k
Fiery Skybreaker’s - Venthyr- 5 targets - 26k5
Fiery Skybreaker’s - Necrolord- 5 targets - 30k

So because it sims lower by a significan amount i have conclued it wasn’t necessary.
See how Necrolord still better compare to the venthyr one in general even with the legendary Fiery Skybreaker.

Mutch Love <3

I’ll add that legendary to the list that can be used on enhancement. I feel like it won’t rank awesome with our scripts, but might be ok if you were looking at pure AoE. We’re expecting to have to do an update tomorrow anyway, so I’ll put this in there.

I need to find some time to drill down into what I’m doing wrong with necrolord. With venthyr, I do just as much, if not more dps and the flow of the rotation feels more intuitive to me.

Looking at your numbers and knowing what I’ve been doing, makes me want to try a little harder to find the time to play around with it and figure out what’s going wrong for me.

With the m+ group I do most of my running with, my dps is fine for the keys we have been running, but we’re always trying to do better. With the double legendary this week, the extra chain harvests and riptides were definitely noticeable at least a couple of times per dungeon, especially with the fortified and grievous affixes this week. I was wondering if bumping up the number of chain harvests would help with certain affixes even more (without hurting my dps significantly), or just contribute to my overhealing.

Thank you! I have very much appreciated using AMR for many years - I very much appreciate the quick response now when I finally have a request!