Using combat logs with the simulator

I’ve seen some stuff in the add-on about combat logging and such and after some digging on the site a post about AMR not doing combat logging anymore and instead working in conjunction with I wanted to know if is the only way to get the simulator to use a combat log.


p.s if it is, I’m giving up trying to get it work after about an hour or so of googling and looking through both sites for the information, if the “report ID, fight ID, and player name/ID” is required where I can get that?

Our addon assists with turning the game’s combat logging on/off when you enter a raid zone. You then upload the log file to a site like warcraftlogs to view the data.

The simulator has a feature that allows you to import a character from a log of a fight, and simulate something similar. It will try to set parameters like fight length to match, and the boss script if we have that boss modeled, otherwise it will pick the most similar boss script that we have available. It will also load your character’s information – gear, talents, crucible powers, etc.

You will need a link to a report on for a specific fight and a specific character. e.g. you could go to the damage detail view for a specific character. You get to that by going to your report on, then click on a fight to view it. From there, click on the “Damage Done” tab (or healing, either works). Then click on a specific player’s name. Copy that URL into the import tool on our simulator.

Note that sometimes, the last fight in any log loads up with a URL that says “fight=last” instead of having an ID. You can simply change the fight to the next-to-last fight, and manually add 1 to the fight ID. e.g. if the link for the penultimate fight says “#fight=14”, change it to “#fight=15”.

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Hey again, sorry to be a bother. The fight lengths of the combat log imported from warcraftlogs is not accept because it is too long, it can’t be longer then 350 seconds when the fight was 419 (5.8 minutes vs 7 minutes) would that affect the outcome of the simulation do you think or is it okay to set at 350 and forget it?

Which boss are you importing and which boss is it picking?

Going from 350 to 419 might have a minor impact on average DPS, but it should be close enough to compare. You would have to do some mental math to compare ability use counts though.

combat log import: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

It’s the Portal boss on Heroic and it is using the Portal boss on Heroic script and it was for tanking, three boss scripts would not work with a fight of 419 seconds.

OK I’ll check it out – someone else made the Portal Keeper script for us, seems like he may not have made it flexible to different fight lengths… I’ll probably have to look at and modify the script a bit.

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It’s not working as of today 3/14/19
I’m kinda annoyed at the organization and search in support, pretty much useless unless I have 2 hours to scroll through forum posts.

Since The logging feature is a separate feature, maybe make a specific category for it?

What in particular is not working?

Also, the forum search is pretty good in my experience… if you search for your specific issue it almost always finds relevant posts.