V59 addon error with swapping items back and forth

Hopefully no one else has already reported this issue. In game, as of the 8.0.1(.1) patch, using the in-game addon to swap specs/gear is resulting in some odd behavior. Specifically, it starts freaking out and switching my rings and trinkets back and forth, back and forth, sometimes for up to 30 seconds before it finally realizes “hey, she’s got both rings/trinkets equipped, I can stop now.” Thought I’d let you all know. :slight_smile:

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Could you post the addon export that you copied to the website, and let me know what settings you used to create your set of gear so that I can reproduce it?

yeah same thing happens to me - i also noticed it is not creating equipment sets either (you can equip gear using the addon but it doesnt update the set - i tried deleting the sets to test and it didnt create new ones either…)

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I posted version 60 of the addon that might fix this issue, but I did not have an exact reproduction of this error, so I’m not certain. See this post for more detail: AskMrRobot addon ver. 58 is not working

I’m having the same issue with swapping gear sets. It is also ignoring the option to prevent swapping gear sets. In addition to the ring/trink rapidly swapping back and forth issue, as well as the not saving gear sets, it is also throwing items all over my bags instead of swapping out with the piece in my equipment bag. It is literally ignoring the bag sorting that we set in wow. The addon, when swapping spec/gear, is literally placing items in backpack (which is set to ignore), as well as consumables, trade goods, and the rest.

p.s. I did upgrade to 60. Which helped with the saving equipment sets. Also, i am no longer getting the LUA errors when exporting from bank. But the other issues i have listed are still occurring.

So separating out your issues one at a time:

  1. “ignoring the option to prevent swapping gear sets” – I assume you mean the option to automatically equip your gear set when you change specs? I can’t reproduce this issue. If I uncheck that option, it does not swap gear when I change specs. If I check it, then it does swap gear when I change specs. Is that not what you are talking about?

  2. “not saving gear sets” – If the addon successfully equips all of the gear in your gear set, it will create an in-game equipment manager set with the same gear. Is it perhaps not successfully swapping all of your items?

  3. “ignoring the bag sorting” – I’m not actually sure how to read the bag sorting information with an addon… perhaps there is a way. The addon will find the first empty slot when it needs to remove gear. This new version will use a few more slots in order to speed up swapping gear and avoid a few long-standing issues people had with unique constraints preventing gear swaps from completing. You might need to re-sort your bags after a gear swap. I can add a note to look into how hard it is to examine a player’s bag sorting options as a future enhancement. But I thought it was a higher priority to make swaps complete more reliably and more quickly.

  4. “ring/trink rapidly swapping back and forth” – In theory that should be fixed with version 60. Can you confirm it is still happening after updating?

As somebody that has had the same problems that others have posted with v58 and v59 all problems seem to be resolved for me on v60. No more LUA errors! thanks

  1. Yes, it is ignoring whether i have the box ticked or not. It still equips items on spec change.

  2. Saving gear sets, issue was resolved in v60. I even deleted the sets i had and it recreated them.

  3. Best example i can give… Let’s say you want to replace your helm with one that is in your bags. All you would normally do is right-click the helm in your bags and the item would swap out. The interface would put the item you were wearing in the spot where the other item that you equipped once sat (1 for 1). This is the way AMR addon used to do it… now it is throwing crap all over the place. Almost like, it is removing all the items from the equipped set that needs to be replaced first, then finding the items in your inventory that needs to fill those places next. If it did a one-for-one, one at a time i am guessing it would prevent this?

  4. The ring/trink swapping issue was resolved in v60.

I can’t seem to reproduce item 1, ignoring the auto-swap setting… the game does automatically swap artifact weapons no matter what, but the rest of my gear does not change on spec change unless I check that option on the addon…

Previously I was doing items one-by-one, with a whole bunch of logic to deal with unique constraints due to legendaries, rings, etc. It also had the unfortunate side effect of being quite slow. The new version is a bit more liberal with your bag space but is more reliable and faster. I could maybe add a clean-up step that can try to put stuff into the slots where things came from… but that would take a bit of testing. It’s on the list of future enhancements – we have another round of addon changes coming with the BfA version of the site.

In the meantime, just hit the clean up bags button when you need to view your inventory.

Thank you. I understand what you are saying, it’s a nicety not a necessity at this point. Reliability is far more important than nice to have features. On the point of using bag cleanup–while i understand an appreciate the many folks out there that use an all-in-one bag type of system, i actually manually sort my bags. In the “equipment bag”, i’ll have gear i am currently using in all specs at the top of the bag, sorted by slot (Head,head, shoulders, back, etc.) in the bottom of the same bag, i’ll put gear i am likely to use depending on the content (dungeons vs raids). And this type of sorting happens for all my bags and i like them to be in a certain order, so using auto bag sort is not an option I use, nor desire. But i do appreciate you adding it to the docket… in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later, my OCD anxiety will be abated.

Yeah it would be nice if it could get stuff back to where it came from in your bags – if I can get it into the next round of updates I’ll try to do that.

I haven’t tried them out in a while, but for the OCD types when it comes to inventory, have you tried addons like ArkInventory? I think they let you make custom categories that you can assign items to and organize them. Haven’t tried it in a while though, but might be interesting to play around with it.

Haven’t heard of it… will definitely check it out! Thanks for that.

… he says that, like it’s a bad thing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not a bad thing! Just a thing. And I feel like with the bazillion WoW addons, there has to be a thing for that thing!