Valor Upgrade Finder Issue

I updated to v106 today and now the valor upgrade finder no longer allows me to “find upgrades”. It will pull in the items eligible and even allow me to change the upgrade level, but the button to “find upgrades” is greyed out and will not work.

Snapshot ID: d9affc5c67f3481d8167bc6eda1a5bf4

**edited to add snapshot ID.

Could you give me a snapshot to test out your case? Instructions on how to do that here:

@yellowfive snapshot id = d9affc5c67f3481d8167bc6eda1a5bf4

Thanks – I see the issue. Those are actually all Korthia items, not Valor items. I’ll fix that list to only show Valor items.

There is a separate Korthia search that you can use to see how the various levels of Korthia items rank.

Might I make a suggestion?

Before we could use the Valor Upgrade Finder to check against our korthia gear to see which piece to upgrade.

Now we have to go through a large list of everything in Korthia. Is there a way that we can get the same functionality for our korthia gear?

I would second that. I have liked using Valor Upgrade Finder in the past because I could evaluate them as upgrades at each rank. It is a nice feature that should be used for Korthia too.

I can put it on the list of things to add… it’s a bit more complicated than a “normal” upgrade finder search to implement, and I wasn’t sure how much people would care about the Korthia gear on launch – it was unclear to me how quickly it would be eclipsed by other gear, or how expensive it would be to upgrade (Blizzard tends to make it too expensive to get items like this to useful upgrade levels).

With the original cap, it was the only option to spend the research. Now we can stockpile but it still is useful in some slots. Prior to 106 it worked as a valor item and would let us adjust the scale and test it out.