Value of Grong's Primal Rage


Is the value you show for the trinket Grong’s Primal Rage correct for the current live servers? I’m asking because AMR shows a very high value for that trinket (BiS for my Ret Paladin) while SimulationCraft rates it very bad. And I’ve found a post here that says that the trinkt has received a stealth nerf:

We’re working on testing and evaluating all new raid gear this week – and yeah they did reduce the damage by around 14% from the PTR versions of it.

Trinkets like this one are always a bit tough to get a perfect ranking… it can work better/worse with certain fights or talent builds. It’s possible that we need to tweak rotations for it as well, since when you use it can have a big impact (since you can’t use other abilities during it). We’ll be messing around with it this week.

That said, my initial tests show it to at least be in the same ballpark as other equal item level trinkets. If it’s coming out way worse… I wonder if something isn’t working correctly in simc.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I didn’t test it throughoutly with SimulationCraft yet, but I assume it’s also the rotation aspect that needs to be tweaked. At least for Ret the default rotation would use it together with wings which is of course totally wrong for such a trinket.

My assumption was correct. After the last Ret APL update in SimulationCraft Grong’s Primal Rage is now much more valueable. For my char it’s now second best after Everchill Anchor.

Will there be an update note when AMR gets the new trinket values?

Yes, we’ll make an announcement when we tweak the gearing strategies – lots of hotfixes today as well that we are going through.