VDH Soul Barrier sim usage

I noticed the sims only use soul barrier with the condition “seconds to big hit” but it’s a huge semi oh shoot button as well. I say semi because it’s strength is dependent on how many souls you already have and for me I find I often have time to ensure I can get more souls by using a fracture of two first.

The reason it’s better to have the souls going into it immediately with using it is because a “soul-less Soul Barrier” has a pretty low absorb effect so you can lose the entire effect of it before the very next GCD or two, never being able to build the absorb higher. But a 4-5 soul soul barrier will have a much larger absorb initially which increases the chance to build the absorb even higher by keeping the buff/effect/absorb up longer.

It’s of course very huge for anticipated big hits even without souls as all absorbs are but I get so much more use out of it than just that. It’s a pretty short cooldown, only 30 seconds. I don’t have a robotic thought process on when I use it but basically I’ll replace a 4-5 soul spirit bomb with it if I feel I need to relax the healer or my health is uncomfortably low where a good spirit bomb wouldn’t be enough (maybe sub 30%). And I’ll use it even without souls asap if it’s all I have available and I need anything I can get to stay alive.

I’m speaking mainly for m+ here as raid fights are much easier to predict incoming damage.

Have you played around with the rotation at all in the simulator to see if changing it results in more TUFness?