Veiled Argunite Vendor

Now that the old relinquished 880 gear vendor Haumaturge Vashreen is moved to Argus he no longer accept nether shards. The new currency is Veiled Argunite. So the items that come up in upgrade finder when I type in “vendor” are not current. For example it tells me I can purchase a 985 shoulder for nether shards but that is now impossible. Please update the gear list when you have time. TIA

I just added the new items today. Under filters, turn on Argus gear, turn off Broken Shore gear.

Curious if Relinquished Relics are included? I don’t see any relics when typing in Vendor, and I’d expect these to be upgrades for me.

Have an example of a relinquished relic? Only ones I saw in the item data seemed to be from a quest…

Sure. Thaumaturge Vashreen has since moved from the Broken Shore to the lower level of the Vindicaar, where he’s selling the 910 Relinquished items mentioned in the OP. This time around, however, he’s also selling relic tokens of each type, named “Relinquished X Relic”. I purchased a Relinquished Arcane Relic from him that, when used, turned into a Torn Fabric of Reality (Titanforged 925).

There were some notes on what the relinquished relic could turn into at:

Interesting… that is a Tomb of Sargeras item… so looks like you can get Relinquished versions of gear from different sources… will have to think about how to handle that…

Comments in the above link (admittedly unverified) state that the Relinquished Relics, while starting with a base of 910, can be sourced from previous raids, dungeons, WQs, PVP and World Boss drops.