Veng DH stat weights?

Hello, there Idk if I’m using this wrong or what but when I enter the stat weights into pawn for a Vengeance DH all the values appear to be or less then 0.07. So can someone help me, please? I’m 111 DH idk if that has anything to do with it? if it does I feel dumb lol. but let me know I just thought about the lvl difference now that I was trying to explain the problem rofl


What is your character region/realm/name? I can take a look. In general though - don’t worry about it until you are 120. Just equip highest ilvl stuff you get.

Her name is Miniaturetwo, Thunderlord, NA

OK ill keep the ilvl in mind

This is the string I get for your character:

( Pawn: v1: "Miniaturetwo - Vengeance": Class=DemonHunter, Spec=Vengeance, Agility=19.61, Armor=128.15, Avoidance=13.18, CritRating=33.79, HasteRating=59.89, Indestructible=0.01, Leech=11.15, MasteryRating=13.86, MaxDamage=24.64, MinDamage=24.64, MovementSpeed=0.01, Stamina=96.68, Versatility=63.98 )

It’s pretty wacky because of your really low item level, so probably not very usable.