Vengeance Blood Set

Shapshot: b04a1b1f94644549b6b047a04db76f2f

This is a “am I missing something” post (to which I expect someone can say yes). I have a heroic lvl Vengeance DH and as of the patch change can now wear the blood set bonus. However there seems to be no amount of raid strategy tweaking that causes AMR to recommend it to me. I have tried running round the maw with it on and it seems to do an insane amount of damage and healing. Although not scientific it feels like its a clear upgrade. I tank along side a druid who has been running it for a while and its his top damage spell (not to mention healing)

Is AMR undervaluing the set bonus or missing it in the calc?
Am I misunderstanding its value to a DH?

All thoughts, opinions and “you fool you forgot to x” comments welcome

It looks to me that the optimizer doesn’t like the set bonus for toughness - to the point that I am only able to see it recommended if I move your gearing strategy to All DPS. It might also be a combination of item level/stamina and your vers gems being particularly good for toughness as well.

It’s hard to say if our balance on that slider is “right” or not… that’s a pretty subjective question.

Tonight was raid night. 5x heroic bosses

Blood link

  • top damage skill with 22% of total damage.
  • strongest healing representing 23% of my total healing.

I’m certainly pleased with the result, its a huge dps boost but also feels like its helping on the survivability. Haven’t really tried to determine what the gems are giving me, that is just raw on the set bonus.