Vengeance Razor Spikes possible bug?

Hi there! I had encountered this (possible) issue with Vengeance sims during the last xpac as well, but - I suspect that our Robot Overlord is applying a 15% damage bonus across the board during demon spikes, as opposed to a 15% physical damage bonus.

Looking at normal spirit bomb hits using this talent versus other talents, the damage always seems to sim some 5-7% higher, which fits if the sim is applying a 15% damage bonus during DS.

Yeah, that looks like a bug. I will add a physical filter to that spell. Thanks for the post.

Posts from users on the healing and tanking simulator are very helpful because we are the only people doing heal/tank simulation. Don’t hesitate to post if you ever see anything that looks off.

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Yeah man, will do - I’m big on trying to max out my damage too, so I’m interested in both aspects of tank sims. Custom rotations, all that stuff.