"Version 2" Gearing Strategy Updates, Bug Fixes

This will be our last update before 7.2 goes live, we’ll be focusing entirely on getting that ready from here on out.

  1. The beta of “version 2” gearing strategies now supports healers!

  2. Fixed a bug with runeforges not showing up with version 2 strategies.

  3. Fixed a bug where version 2 strategies would sometimes not pick set bonuses when they should.

  4. We’ll now default offhand runeforges for frost DKs when importing from the addon. It’s just a guess based on your main-hand runeforge, but most of the time it is the right guess.

  5. “Regular” (“version 1”) gearing strategies should run faster now – did some pruning out of unnecessary items and stuff.

  6. Machine Learning is now the default option when you finish running a gearing strategy of any kind, it is no longer a beta feature. In all the tests we’ve seen and feedback, it ranks better than stat weights every time, so we recommend using it from here on out.

  7. A few minor rotation tweaks for a few specs… we’ll be better with specifics in future updates.

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