Visualize Levels of Enchant

Back in the good ol days, when I missed an enchant or the like, I got the dark green sqare and new, that shall do something. Nowadays, with 3 levels of enchant AMR is always assuming gold, but maybe I don’t have the enchant, it’s too expensive or whatever, so I’m going for bronze. AMR of course still not happy.

Would it be possible to add an icon (the lil gold/silver/bronze overlays come to mind) to the filed for enchant showing what level the existing enchant already is? Or is that available on the left side and I just don’t see it? I have a regular 1920x1080 monitor and no matter how I scale the font, the left part of the table always gets cut 2 pixels into the icons. Could provide screenshot, but not here?


You can control what level enchants the optimizer uses with the Enchant Crafted Quality setting.

For convenience in lists of enchants, we show crafted quality 3 as purple, 2 as blue, and 1 as green text.

Looks like the enchant tooltip/mouse-overs aren’t showing the crafted quality… we can add that.

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