Vita-charged Titanshard

Trying to understand AMR’s output.
I was ranking 3 trinkets for Single Target.
Torment in a Jar (460)
Peerless Alchemist Stone (470)
Vita-charged Titanshard (460)
AMR puts Torment above the other two in BiB and when I did a Test Combo Sim, above link is the result.
My only question is, looking at other sites for info on Trinkets, they say even the 430 Vita will pull more DPS than the 460 Torment on Single Target.
(Bloodmallet being the primary source, as most other websites at this time link to their graphs giving us a serious lack of diversity in opinion.)
Even the Peerless (470) should be higher Single Target than Torment (460) so, I’m wondering about what is making Torment so good in your Sims vs other sims.
Even taking off all my other gear and simming just the 3 trinkets, it shows it in the same order.

I looked at the trinkets again. It looks to me like we are simulating them correctly. I don’t know why sims from other sources are different. Any sim suggesting a 430 vita is better than a 460 torment is highly suspect, imo.

Maybe they are using the wrong scaling type on the vita charged buff. Secondary stat buffs are always reduced by the secondary stat scaling - but the spell data doesn’t indicate the correct scaling type. SimC builds straight off the spell data, so they often miss stuff like that because it has to be manually coded.