Vital accretion

Vital accretion (a conduit for shaman) is still top recommendation for elemental shamans when taking primal elementalist (talent), even though it should be considered a serious dps downgrade as with 4 set fire/storm elemental should be online pretty much always (at least in single target) and primal elementalist makes it unable for both elementals to co-exist at the same time. Is this taken into account during simulations?

I assume you are talking about Call of Flame, the one that makes fire/storm elemental last longer? We maybe need to make an adjustment in the optimizer to make it pick the other conduits in the case where 100% uptime can be achieved without it.

The main issue is that the other conduits are pretty terrible, so we run into margin of error issues in the optimizer. The differences are actually pretty negligible.

I’m talking about the defensive conduit, which causes earth ele to increase your health by % health while active.
primal elementalist only allows the use of one elemental (the other defensive conduits should logically be preferred over this one unless it is such a defensive upgrade that the dps downgrade of popping earth ele is worth it.)

We don’t give any actual value to conduits that don’t affect DPS - we just pick three. You should equip those as you see fit.