Void Talon in TBC for Hunter

Hi. In a lot of guides I am seeing the fist weapon Void-Talon recommended for t4 bis. I have it in my bag, it is a boe Green, but how do I get it to show up to see how it compares to other things?

Can you explain to me what you mean when you say “get it to show up”?

You can try posting a snapshot as well - that is the best way for us to help you.

Directions on making support snapshots:


I mean in the BIS selection. Also how do I get it to show badges or not badge item, I do not see a filter for badge of justices.

I’ll see if we can get that item added into the list, our data filtering didn’t pick it up. Best in Bags will consider the item if you have it, though. BiS will also consider it if you equip it and then load your character.

For the badges - we don’t currently have a filter to specifically hide/show badge items. You can always exclude specific items if you do not want to try to obtain them.