Void-Twisted Titanshard Sim


my BiB suggest me to use Void-Twisted Titanshard but it just feels bad.
Running a simmulation with the length of around 270s says that void shroud has a uptime of ~23.7%. That would translate into ~64s, with the proc-count beeing around ~5 times, Void shroud would be up for approximitly 12.8s of the 15sec duration which i feel like is pretty unrealistic as a shield of ~70k hp is drained pretty quickly with corruption and raid mechanics.

Warcraftlog rankings also suggest that coral+Vita-Charged titanshard is still the better choice instead of the complete titan shard set for enhancement shamen.

My Addon Export:

We rank effects like this with optimistic estimates to show you how good it could be if you were to make use of it. If you are doing a fight with a lot of unavoidable damage and can’t keep the shield up, then it would make sense to exclude that item from your BiB and let the optimizer pick the next best item.

We really should consider letting players know that this trinket is never going to realistically perform at the level the tool is predicting in any raid environment. Wrathion, Maut, skitra, Xanesh, Hivemind … heck probably every boss this tier has unavoidable raid damage which will greatly diminish this trinket. Having it show up as a top trinket in the tool is leading people towards a bad choice. I’m pretty sure our robot loves us more than that? :slight_smile:

Definitely fight dependent,

  • Drest’agath
  • Il’gynoth
  • Carapace
  • N’zoth

it would work just fine on.

We’re going to stick with the best-case estimate. If you don’t think you’ll get best-case use out of it - use the customize feature and you can reduce the value of that trinket accordingly.

Your call obviously and you guys generally make pretty good ones; but just to be clear, the tool is recommending people bonus roll on this item only to have them find out it is no where near as good as the tool indicates it will be. They would have no way of knowing it was going to under perform the tools estimation short of checking the forums before hand which is probably unrealistic. I can’t think of another item that’s like that… but maybe I’m wrong.

I’ve taken your advice and filtered it out (long before I jumped into this thread). I just think it’s inconsistent. The tool has never been a “best-case” tool or it wouldn’t simulate movement during the encounter. Best-Case would be flat foot and drill your rotation… it simulates movement because it is trying to simulate game play; and game play says this trinket is bad.

Anyway, I’m good, love you guys… hope no one gets messed up by this.

Yeah… I went back and forth on this one. There are a few other effects in the game like this, and we have tended to go with best-case estimates so people know how good it could be. One of the most notable is holy paladin mastery - we go with a model that has you trying your hardest to get the most out of it and we therefore recommend mastery for holy paladins, which doesn’t always gel with what people expect, but it really could be that good.

Ideally we would have messaging around items like this so people are aware - that would be a good thing to add in the future as a possibility on the UI somehow.

I was thinking the same, something in the lines of “This trinket has been calculated with %uptime” or something similiar. So if you check the logs afterwards you can decide if you actually want it or not.

The trinket customization options are also a great way to tweak these… if our simulations show an X% uptime but in your logs you tend to only get half of that, you can reduce its value in half and re-rank.