Vyrtha's Dreadglaive is recommended but requires level 60


Leveling a new character and had Vyrtha’s Warglaive in my bag. When using BiB, this item was always recommended even though I couldn’t equip it yet. I noticed that Dreamsong Warglaive which I also have and has a level 60 requirement isn’t recommended because of the level requirement.

There is a chance that the level requirement isn’t in the item data we have. Can you post a snapshot where this is happening? (use the help link above the list of gear we recommend to generate a snapshot)

Sorry, I didn’t see your response. Here’s a link from Wowhead, which displays the level requirement: Vyrtha's Dredglaive - Item - World of Warcraft

Hey Swol!

The problem with the Dredglaive is that it scales to the character who loots the treasure, added to the fact it’s BoE. So you can loot one on your 60 main, send it to your 50 DH alt… and the 50 alt has a 60 Dredglaive they can’t use.

Since they’re not unique, the required level of each individual Dredglaive AMR finds in a DH’s inventory is important, since the DH could be carrying several of them ranging from 50-60.

If you can provide a snapshot with an example of this weapon showing the wrong required level or item level, that would help. These particular items are kind of a pain… they have changed the in-game data format and bonus ID structure for them at least once.

I just realized this was still dangling. Is this still a problem you want to fix, or was it fixed, or is it not something to worry about any more because it’s soon-to-be old content?

This thread is over a year old and we never got a snapshot of the case, and yeah it’s for items that won’t matter for end-game in a couple weeks, so I think we’ll just let it go.