Walk with the Ox conduit "issue"

For some reason, simming with the Walk with the Ox potency conduit causes a noticeable decrease in TUF and increase in death chance %. If you compare the two sims with other potency conduits here:


against the sim with Walk with the Ox here:


you can see the difference. My hunch is that the CDR on the conduit de-syncs Niuzao from some high damage phase, causing the defensive benefit from having him out to be wasted. If that’s what is happening, then I guess it’s a valid result, just seems like it’s inaccurate since based on the rotation it’s luck that it has any defensive value at all. It would help if there was a way to see how much damage Niuzao prevents.

That is pretty weird… I’m trying to figure out why it matters so much when you summon him… It seems like the time in the fight around 180sec in is particularly dangerous… you are tanking the “little boss” and the “big boss” is also hitting you a couple of times with an ability. Maybe that part of the fight is causing a spike of damage most often, so having this up during that particular time matters a lot.

Yeah it makes sense that moving the summon up by 30-40 seconds would move his uptime out of a big damage window. I don’t think it’s worth trying to line him up with anything vs get more uses, but it does skew the value of the conduit more than it probably should.