Want to hide gear from Mr.Robot

I asked on discord though this is easier for me to follow.

Last time I really used AMR was 8 months ago. I am very confident I almost remember something similar to my charchters screen on the AMR website. Something changed over the last 8mo. If I recall I could select pieces of gear I wanted and I get some type of feedback from AMR based on my selection. When I used the best in bag feature I remember it was very easy to change 1-2 pieces of the gear Mr.Robot selected for me. It was almost as easy as “drop and click”. Or am I going crazy and this was never the case? It is ok, I am already crazy. You can be honest.

I used the best in bag feature. Mr.Robot won’t forget what he saw. Even when I reboot he remembers this specific azurite helmet. This is true when I take it off, put it in the bank, close the bank & reboot. MR.Robot remembers like he is actually here in my house watching. These are Azerite pieces I am speaking about. Who really cares though why I want to do this… When allowing Mr.Robot to select best in bag their are times I would like to make 1-2 changes. Mr.Robot has to do what I say, right?

I really do not know how to ask this. How am I doing? Is there a TEMPORARY blacklist/ignore?

Clearly I am making this way too complicated. Mr.Robot selects something and never forgets. There are times my preference (even if detrimental) is different. I still want best in bag. But I want to change 1 or two pieces of gear in the “equip list” Mr.Robot created for me from best in bag… I would like to update these changes in mr.robot. So when I press the switch, activate & equip button Mr.Robot uses the single piece of gear I wanted along with the 13 (“Best in bag”) choices it made for me.

If you wan to lock in a different item than what Best in Bag chooses, click on the slot in the resulting gear table and pick the item you would prefer from your bag. You will see the lock icon next to the item turn orange to indicate that you have locked in that item to override the robot’s choice.

If you want to instead just hide one item from the optimizer - we don’t have an option on the ui for that right now. You can achieve this by putting it in void storage, though. Mr. Robot cannot see into the void.