Warcraft logs not showing up on mrobot addon

hey anybody having a problem not being able to log BoD with the mrobot add on all I can log is uldir I cant even have the option to log BoD I have deleted and reinstalled a bunch of times and still nothing

Yea no logs given here. It didn’t even change or update my log file in its new location. Not sure it was truly on cause I didn’t watch the icon when I was in the actual raid.

I don’t even have the option to log for BoD just Uldir still in my combat log section of the addon

I just posted version 72 of the addon (might take an hour or two to show up in the Twitch app, but you can download directly from our site until then). It has Dazar’alor auto-logging enabled. (If you are inside dazar’alor when you update the addon, you might need to manually check the “toggle all” checkbox off/on to get it to start logging. If you are outside dazar’alor, it should start the next time you enter.)

ty brocephus:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

I’ve got v72 installed/loaded, but it’s still not showing anything for BoD. Have tried in and out side of raid, relaunching wow and reinstalling.

I just tried reinstalling version 72 fresh on my machine, and I see the options for Dazar’alor… not sure what would make them not show up for you…

AH… for some reason it shows up after I move the Ask Mr. Robot GUI around (like move it around on the screen), but when I just open it normally, it only shows Uldir. Not sure if it’s a bug or just something on my end lol :frowning:

I can take a look… there is some really weird stuff with how the UI works in WoW addons that can cause stuff like that to happen.

I just found this feature recently and had a couple of quick questions. Rather than create another topic, I thought I would ask it here. Once you select the logging options and start logging, does it stay turned on? Or do you have to turn it back on after a wipe? Is it an individual setting or does it carry across all characters on an account? I apologize if this is documented somewhere. Thanks in advance.

If you check the automatic logging options, it will always be on when you are in that raid, then turn off only when you leave. The settings are stored per character.

You can tell when it is logging combat if the AMR addon minimap icon turns green.

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