Warcraft priests channel avoid

Warcraft priests channel (sounds acts like h2p) on discord dont like Ask Mr Robot and blocks players posts who use it for their gearing arguments on there channel. They also would not engage in real arguments why they wont use it. They just state its wrong, " is not a recommended resource here and we will not have it be promoted to back up data."

Your direct inference is “AMR is wrong” and your post above is nothing but a direct attack to those who run the site.
Your presence on the site is questionable at best & could easily seen as stalking to harrass a user.

Its the shear bigotry, the issue was clearly that I posted the words AMR. Not anything else, was told I could still post, so long as I did not mention AMR. This is very clearly shown in the images above. AMR is not accepted by them and they will not have anyone posting anything with AMR.

The last image clearly shows that they just hate AMR and consider it wrong but their own reddit source states that there is no proof that AMR is bad per say. Also they can’t provide any other evidence.

omegalul is how they behave, like school children. He has to be from that discord channel, they are very likely slandering Ask mr robot. Please avoid this discord channel, they lack maturity and are bigots. This has nothing to do with right or wrong. There is no proof they are right or wrong, they can’t provide anything when pressed, they just want no one to talk about AMR or use it as a data source.

This is them 100%, note the lack of any real evidence. The issue is they hate AMR and also slander anyone who posts using it. They don’t want to talk or debate. AMR is inaccurate and anyone who thus uses it is inaccurate. Simple bigotry. Sure I can be wrong but its not about me being wrong.

You can try requesting this information that proves what they are stating, then you get a reddit post of random players talking crap about nothing.

Site moderators have been invited… any continuation will be, if not already is being, recorded.

There could be legal consequences to you being stupid enough to restate the things said on discord here. You just potentially slandered their work on their own forums and stated you were potentially slandering their product to others. No joke this is being recorded. Think carefully before posting. If you think Ask Mr Robot is wrong, state it the correct constructive way.

To late, this is potential evidence for a civil court case. The account has proof of who u are, see IP address. Thus the right to be forgotten cant be used as a means to hide your identity to avoid the potential legal consequences of your statements. Also ask mr robot’s website is in the USA and this is under US law. You accepted that when you created an account.

There isn’t any actual theorycraft being presented in this thread so I’m going to close it.