Warcraftlogs? Been subbed to AMR for years?

Come to find out none on my activities in LFR and NM dungeons have been logged to warcraftlogs. I thought AMR did this automatically? Trying to figure out and get help on why my dps is so low. I’ve played one toon, one spec since starting in 2004. Suggestions?

You can enable combat logging with AMR addon. But that simply writes the log on your pc.
You have to upload them yourself.

okay, spent 3 hours running lfr crucible. The upload to warcraftlogs took 10 minutes. Did it twice. 10 minutes each upload. Joined outlaw rogue discord, and they said it shouldn’t take 10 minutes to upload for two bosses. I said it was a 1.4 GB file. Why is AMR creating a 1.4 GB file for a LFR log? Discord says I’ve been wasting money on AMR for years, I though you guys were here help?

So, AMR is for gear optimization. We have an option in our addon to automatically turn on combat logging for you, which is the same as typing /combatlog when you enter a raid. You can do whatever you want with that file, like upload it to warcraftlogs. Our addon has nothing to do with what is written to that file - the game decides that.

WoW never deletes the combat log file. It just keeps adding more and more to it every time you enable logging. So, if you have never deleted it or uploaded it to a combat logging site, you probably have information in there from tons and tons of raids. Once you upload it, I think the warcraftlogs uploader will rename the file so that next time you start logging, it will be just new stuff and the file will be smaller.

You should rename or delete your combat log file. Then you can start fresh and each raid you log will be smaller and easy to upload.