Warlock Affliction Spell Hit bug?


I simulate my warlock on WOTLK version and it says me to equip certain gear. But when I do, the spell hit that shows in the website is different than the one that shows ingame with the exact same gear spell hit wise.

Am I doing something wrong?

I would need a snapshot to say more definitively – press “help” next to big Best in Bags section header, then “Create Support Post”, then post the snapshot ID here.

We include raid buffs if you have those selected, e.g. improved faerie fire. You also need to make sure that your gear matches exactly in-game to what is on the site.

@yellowfive Thanks for the reply! The raid buffs/debuffs are disabled. Here is the snapshot ID: 5c7db3f6fff342a9be8d171b3433b81e

But my point was that the items that it was showing in the website gave a different spell hit ingame. Since the raid debuffs/buffs are disabled I thought the only thing it took into consideration was the talent in affliction tree.

The different gems/enchants that the website have does not interfere since they don’t give spell hit.

Are there particular items that are showing different spell hit amounts on the website vs. the game? I can look at individual cases and see why we might have different data.

I checked that, but they are the same value in every item.

We are adding 3% from the Suppression talent. Your optimized gear has 226 hit rating, in-game it is showing 254 hit rating. The difference I think is because you didn’t apply the recommended gem changes: on your pre-optimized gear you have 3 gems with +8 hit rating and a +4 hit rating socket bonus, totaling to the extra 28 hit rating seen in-game.

Ingame also adds if I am not mistaken. I tried that also, compensate by increasing 3% on the website. It still gives wrong results. Should be 3% lower, which is not. - it is 1.94% lower.

You can also see the gems, none of them give spell hit, only spell dmg and haste. I have more hit ingame but less %. How is that possible? The website is recommending me to remove my hit gems and somehow increase my hit?

The tooltip in your screenshot is just hit from rating. It does not include the talent. 26.23199272 hit rating gives 1% spell hit, so 254 rating would give 9.68% spell hit. Suppression adds another 3%, so in-game you would have 12.68% actual chance to hit.

Our optimization result has a total of 226 hit rating, which gives 8.62% spell hit, plus 3% from talent is 11.62%. We show your actual spell hit chance because it is more useful than just what the in-game character sheet shows.

I have the same issue, as a demonology warlock ive added 2 points into suppresion 2% spelli hit but Ask mr robot isnt recognizing it

Try reading this post and see if it clears things up for you: