Warlock Demonic Tyrant Sim Dmg to low?


I have run some simulations and the Min Dmg the Tyrant is doing looks always to low.

I get with AMRRotation something like:
Min: 9,312 Avg: 20,829.7 Max: 34,129

Ingame is the difference between min and max only like 8k:
Min: 28,795 Avg: 32,939 Max: 36,734

This is with no buffs and I don’t mind if the AMRRotation is doing the optimal opener for 3x EP Trait or not but the min dmg looks off the charts.

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There looks to be some edge cases where the rotation logic is breaking down and not getting a lot of imps out before the tyrant is summoned. I made some tweaks to make it much less likely (I couldn’t find an example in dozens of test cases), but it’s still happening once in a while.

I’ll see if I can weed it out entirely. This is one of those things that is really a pain to do in a priority queue :frowning:

These edge cases are rare enough that the total average DPS of the simulation is not really affected - it’s just reporting that lower than expected minimum because it happens on like one of the iterations.

This might also happen once in a while on the “single target” script because there are a few unpredictable movement events that occur - which would mess up the tyrant setup.

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Thanks @Swol for your answer and gl with it :slight_smile:!!

I also woander if that is the reason that best in bags is telling me not to use 3x ep :thinking: but i still get the most dps with it.

edit: I also forgot to say that the testing i have done was with just 1 Tyrant (100 sec)

Ranking explosive potential is really problematic because of its crazy scaling. We’re trying to make it rank better, but it’s being really difficult because it has almost zero value with only 1 against a single target.

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