Warlock trinket rankings and BiB incorrect?

Snapshot ID: a0efc09254c74e889100a03b8bc7f278

BiB recommends 203 Soulletting Ruby 184 Unbound Changeling for an estimated 3.2% dps gain.

My current set: 213 Satchel of Misbegotten Minion and 213 Glyph of Assimilation should outperform, see Not Available vs Not Available (100+ dps difference?!)

This is your current gear:

This is with the Best in Bags solution:

The Best in Bags solution seems to simulate higher in this case… probably some combination of the suggested soulbind changes and gear works out better?

That comparison is incorrect, in your links the current gear is with corrupting leer and BiB is with cold embrace conduit.

If you try both with corrupting leer (or cold embrace, i.e. same conduits), you can see the difference. I linked it in my original post but here they are again:

BiB solution: 4893 dps

Optimal gear: 4980 dps

OK, I ran them again. The proper comparison here would be:

best in bags solution (5081 dps): Not Available

best in bags solution with your current trinkets locked in place of the suggested trinkets (5140 dps): Not Available

(another option is this, with soulletting ruby and satchel: (5119 dps, very close to your current gear) Not Available

I think what’s happening is that the unbound changeling is ranking a bit too high… that is a weird item that gets its special effect from a bonus (there are 4 versions of it), so maybe something is going on with it.

The fact that the optimizer slightly prefers the soulletting ruby to some of the other on-use options isn’t a big deal – the different is so small it doesn’t matter. So with your settings it will pick one on-use trinket (probably the soulletting ruby), and then it should pick a better non-use trinket, like the satchel. I’ll look into why the unbound changeling is ranking too high.

Thanks. I’ll stick with my equipped trinkets since they sim the highest, it’d be great for BiB to suggest the same for others. Agree that swapping soulletting ruby is also acceptable.

Yeah I think part of the issue is an interaction between haunt, shadow embrace, and direct damage trinkets that isn’t getting adjusted for as expected – I’ll tweak that in the next update also.

On-use trinkets like glyph of assimilation and soulletting ruby can sometimes go either way because they have different cooldowns – depending on the fight length, one or the other can line up better or worse, so it’s tough to really say which will work out better for someone on any given fight.

Adding another datapoint here, I got two more trinkets last week. After removing the on-use restriction, I think Empyreal Ordnance + Inscrutable Quantum Device are the best pairing. But BiB recommends Soulletting Ruby and Wakener’s Frond (?!) instead.

Empyreal Ordnance + Inscrutable Quantum Device (5273 dps, my current gear): Not Available

Soulletting Ruby + Wakener’s Frond (5204 dps, BiB suggestion): Not Available