Warrior observations

I’ve mentioned in discord I was surprised at the lack of hit being chosen with a fury Prot tank spec when using tank strategy. I mentioned it as interesting rather than a bug. My code: 30d1290b67fc42d0b824bc26d6c7cf27

A few observations.
Fury DPS. It is equipping a dual wield combo. But upgrade finder > Dungeon > say a barberous blade which I own is the second biggest upgrade.

Maximum “Threat” setting for a protection strategy immediately equips a shield. Is there any valid middle ground of dual wield / 2 hand. In my experience playing as an MC tank dual wielding dal’rend set with a mitigation focused but mainly plate set is giving us fast trash clears and early bosses.

BiS fascinates me. It makes way more sense to me than BiB with my options. It leans into weaponskill hard and lands close to hit cap. Any reason it’s ignoring until some tipping point I can’t get close enough to?

We made protection spec always use a shield. If you want to tank without one, switch to fury spec and increase the toughness slider.

Also, with the way our optimizer works… you can’t really “read into” the choices like it is “trying” to get a hit cap or weapon skill, etc. Each set of gear is run through the calculations and an estimated average DPS number is found. It picks the one with the highest DPS. The optimizer doesn’t care if you miss some % of your attacks, because it never gets annoyed.

There are no breakpoints programmed in or anything like that.

Any idea why Fury would be suggesting a 2hander I have as an upgrade but not using it?

Interesting I’ll look at fury with toughness set up. That raises another question. I stuck to the Protection model because I assumed it would consider “threat generation” rather than pure DPS in the form of abilities with +threat.

Do you think that makes any significant difference. I was really interested in AMR getting into Classic because we are finding the single biggest DPS boost you can give to any class is a higher threat tank. Anyone who has gotten an MC weapon in our raid team is spending time on bosses with attack off waiting for a tank to generate some threat.

Hence my current focus on +hit and macros around dual wielding as much as possible.

Keep up the awesome work.

The upgrade finder’s rankings are in a vacuum, so the suggestions there won’t always track with what BiB ends up picking based on all your other gear. There’s really no way around that - you just have to accept the upgrade finder as an estimate and realize that all your other gear may cause that item to not be as good as it could be for you in your current setup.

For the protection setup we have the warrior use rage on high threat abilities like sunder to keep stacks up, and also defensive abilities like shield block. And then we use the excess rage to do as much damage as possible, which should track pretty well with maximum threat.

Cool thanks for the answers.

Any chance you could look at some extra notches at the Damage side of the protection slider so that it doesn’t use a shield a little longer but still prioritizes threat rather than damage?

I’m pretty sure it always uses a shield for protection, regardless of where the slider is. Fury always uses two weapons, regardless of where the slider is.

Use the spec picker to control what kind of weapon setup you want to use.

That is correct – I think that I made a note of this behavior in https://blog.askmrrobot.com/optimizer-tips-classic/

We did this so that we could support any potential build that a person might want to try with a warrior: dual-wielding with really defensive-oriented gear, using a shield with very offensive-focused gear, etc.