Warrior: Tank Gear for Long DPS fights? Sword for Orc? BiB

Issue #1 Snapshot: efb7ff8757c142009d72e95b621c2ae2

I am being recommended my full Tank Gear for DPS when I change the length of the fight to anything above 100 seconds.

Issue #2 Snapshot: 23da545935d4492aa1620ea3b6e9cd11

I do not understand why it is recommending a Sword OH (Mirah’s Song) for a Orc Warrior. Somehow it just screams DPS Loss even tho it says it will increase on AMR. Another point, you’d want a slow MH, however, AMR is recommending me to toss Axe of Deep Woods aside and equip Flurry Axe on MH with Mirah’s Song on OH.

Edit: Looking at Upgrade Finder, it doesn’t seem to take Orc’s Axe Skill into account.

I’m taking a look at warriors today - something isn’t quite working right.

I do know that we are taking into account the orc axe skill, though.

I found the problem(s) - we’re doing an update tonight with fixes to warriors.

I saw the same on my warrior :smiley:

Also sim like to give him Fishing Pole as the best 2H xD