We need your help! BfA Game Mechanic Testing

This is a list of all of the game mechanics we have not been able to verify ourselves yet (largely due to us just not having chars with the items/powers). We are working on verifying them as fast as we can through our own testing or testing of people we know. If you can help us finish this faster, we would really appreciate it!

If you do decide to post information, please post it in a format that we can verify, such as screenshots and/or combat logs. Hit me up if you need more information on how to go about testing one of these if you have the item. I will come into this post and delete items as they are completed/verified.

azerite  azeriteablativeshielding  Ablative Shielding
  How much is this reduced when taking further damage?
  Falling below 40% health grants you 944 Armor for 10 sec. Taking further Physical damage reduces the Armor granted. May only occur every 30 sec.

azerite  azeritebarrageofmanybombs  Barrage Of Many Bombs
  Is it realistic for all 5 bombs to hit a target, or should we adjust this? For now we assume only 3 bombs will hit any one target.
  Your spells and abilities have a chance to fire a bomb at your target, which when in proximity breaks into 5 smaller bombs. Upon hitting the ground, each smaller bomb deals 926 damage to all nearby enemies.<br/><br/>Increases your Kul Tiran or Zandalari Engineering by 25.<br/><i>1.50 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

azerite  azeritebulwarkofthemasses  Bulwark of the Masses
  Check if this is buffed by Vampiric Blood
  When you are surrounded by 4 or more enemies, gain a shield that absorbs 10620 damage. Cannot occur more than once every 20 sec.

azerite  azeritecankerouswounds  Cankerous Wounds
  This power's effects are on festering strike, and festering wound.  check to see if the 20% increase in 3 wound procs from cankerous wounds results in a 60% (multiplier) chance or 70% (additive) to get 3 festering wound stacks from festering strike.
  Festering Strike deals 2172 additional damage and has a 20% increased chance of applying 3 Festering Wounds.

azerite  azeriteconcentratedmending  Concentrated Mending
  test refresh logic in game. For now we assume Legacy instead of 30% rule.
  Your healing effects have a chance to grant the target 70 additional healing every 2.0 sec for 12 sec. This effect doubles every 2.0 sec.<br/><i>3.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

azerite  azeritecontemptuoushomily  Contemptuous Homily
  Does the DoT extension scale with stacks of the trait?
  Penance deals an additional 193 damage and extends your Shadow Word: Pain by 1 sec per bolt.

azerite  azeriteebbandflow  Ebb and Flow
  Verify the distance function
  Healing Tide Totem restores up to 334 additional health each pulse, based on how close your allies are to the totem. Maximum benefit for allies within 8 yds of the totem.

azerite  azeriteelusivefootwork  Elusive Footwork
  Right now this buffs Blackout Kick for Windwalker and Mistweaver as well. Intended?
  MonkBrewmaster, MonkMistweaver, MonkWindwalker
  Blackout Strike deals an additional 507 damage. Blackout Strike critical hits grant an additional 1 stack(s).

azerite  azeriteeternalruneweapon  Eternal Rune Weapon
  test to see if this extends duration based on base cost of abilities or on actual runes spent
  Dancing Rune Weapon grants you 590 Strength, and each rune spent increases its duration by 0.5 sec, up to a maximum of 5 sec.

azerite  azeritefilthytransfusion  Filthy Transfusion
  Refresh type?
  Your damaging abilities have a chance to invoke a tainted swamp beneath the target, siphoning 6162 health from them over 6 sec.<br/><i>2.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

azerite  azeritegatheringstorm  Gathering Storm
  Does this apply the buff right when you cast, or only after the first tick?
  WarriorArms, WarriorFury
  While Bladestorming, every 1.0 sec you gain 94 Speed and Bladestorm's damage increases by 181. Lasts 6 sec.

azerite  azeriteindomitablejustice  Indomitable Justice
  Verify how this damage scales.
  Judgment deals additional damage when your health percentage exceeds the target's, up to 3132 damage.

azerite  azeriteinfernalarmor  Infernal Armor
  Test whether the ICD on the damage proc is per target or not.
  Immolation Aura increases your Armor by 360, and causes melee attackers to take 255 Fire damage.

azerite  azeriteinvigoratingbrew  Invigorating Brew
  Is the increase on all targets, or just main target?
  Vivify does an additional 1448 healing when empowered by Thunder Focus Tea.

azerite  azeriteironfists  Iron Fists
  Verify if this refreshes every time 4 targets are hit
  Fists of Fury grants you 734 Critical Strike for 10 sec when it hits at least 4 enemies.

azerite  azeritelatentpoison  Latent Poison
  Verify whether the debuff stacks on a second target from the Hydra's Bite aoe damage
  Serpent Sting damage applies Latent Poison, stacking up to 10 times. Your Raptor Strike consumes all applications of Latent Poison to deal 760 Nature damage per stack.

azerite  azeriteliberatorsmight  Liberator's Might
  Verify whether the spell data RPPM is the base for PvE, or the increased value for PvP.
  Your spells and abilities have a chance to grant 281 Critical Strike and 171 Haste for 10 sec. <br/>Attacking a member of the opposite faction significantly increases this chance.

azerite  azeriteopenpalmstrikes  Open Palm Strikes
  Do the cleave hits also trigger this? Do the cleave hits get full benefit from the damage increase?
  When Fists of Fury deals damage, it has a 5% chance to refund 1 Chi, and it deals 1001 additional damage.

azerite  azeriterevelinpain  Revel in Pain
  verify if this shield is modified by versatility and verify that its absorption scales 1 to 1 with damage dealt during fiery brand.
  When Fiery Brand expires on your primary target, you gain a shield that absorbs up to 28780 damage for 15 sec, based on your damage dealt to them while Fiery Brand was active.

azerite  azeriterezansfury  Rezan's Fury
  Does this summon a pet that does the damage? Or, does it use the player's damage multipliers? How does the DoT refresh?
  Your damaging abilities have a chance to call a Child of Rezan to viciously rend your target, dealing 2280 Physical damage and causing them to bleed for 4560 damage over 12 sec.

azerite  azeriterigidcarapace  Rigid Carapace
  Verify how this works. Does it stay up as long as you have Demon Spikes? Does it keep stacking past 10 if demon spikes lasts longer than 10 seconds? etc.
  Demon Spikes increases your Armor by 54 every 1.0 sec, for 10 sec.

azerite  azeritesanctum  Sanctum
  verify if this shield scales with versatility
  PriestDiscipline, PriestHoly
  When you cast Fade, absorb 12259 Magic damage for 10 sec.

azerite  azeriteseismicwave  Seismic Wave
  How wide is the line? Can this reliably hit most targets near your main target?
  Overpower causes a seismic wave that deals 2280 Physical damage to enemies in a 10 yd line.

azerite  azeritestaggeringstrikes  Staggering Strikes
  Does this reduce total stagger amount or tick amount? Right now we assume total stagger amount, but it seems very weak.
  When you Blackout Strike, your Stagger is reduced by 2172.

azerite  azeritestalwartprotector  Stalwart Protector
  verify whether or not this shield scales with versatility.
  When you cast Divine Shield, grant 4904 absorb for 15 sec to nearby allies.

azerite  azeritesteadyaim  Steady Aim
  Check whether or not this buff applies to just your first aimed shot missile or both if you have double tap (right now we buff the first one only). We are assuming this applies the debuff on missile fired for steady shot (thus it would buff a subsequent lock and load aimed shot) since that is how things generally worked in Legion, but we should verify.
  Steady Shot increases the damage of your next Aimed Shot against the target by 869, stacking up to 5 times.

azerite  azeritesurgingtides  Surging Tides
  verify if this shield scales with versatility.
  If the target of your Riptide is below 50% of their maximum health, Riptide causes them to absorb up to 5900 damage for 8 sec.

azerite  azeritethirstingblades  Thirsting Blades
  Check if the start of a raid event resets stacks on this buff. Also verify if both hands hits get full benefit
  Every 1.5 sec, increase the damage of Chaos Strike by 65 and reduce its cost by 1 Fury. This effect stacks.

azerite  azeritetrailingembers  Trailing Embers
  This won't realistically hit all targets in a group. Come back and adjust this to just have a chance to hit targets in order to reduce damage appropriately based on logs. Right now we assume it always applies to the main target.
  Pyroblast burns enemies between you and the target for 772 Fire damage over 6 sec.

azerite  azeritetwistedclaws  Twisted Claws
  Can this proc on all targets? For now we assume yes.
  DruidGuardian, DruidFeral
  Thrash's direct damage has a 50.0% chance to grant you 77 Agility for 12 sec, stacking up to 5 times.

azerite  azeriteumbralblaze  Umbral Blaze
  verify whether the DOT has a chance to be applied to all targets hit by the Hand of Guldan meteor or just your current target. verify how the DOT refreshes. Also verify if the damage scales with soul shards spent on HoG
  Your Hand of Guldan has a 15% chance to burn its target for 1535 additional Shadowflame damage every 2.0 sec for 6 sec.

azerite  azeritewildfirecluster  Wildfire Cluster
  verify how many bombs are actually shot in-game. For now we will have 3 bombs hit targets, which is still probably very high. We will want to set a number of bombs that hit main target on average and number that hit secondary targets on average.
  Wildfire Bomb drops a small cluster of bombs around the target, each exploding for 478 damage.

enchant  5946  Coastal Surge
  proc rate from spell: 255148  figure out how this refreshes
  Permanently enchant a weapon to sometimes cause the wielder's helpful spells to put a short heal over time effect on the target for 10 sec.

item  152636  Endless Tincture of Fractional Power
  Find the str/int buff names. For now we are using currents for all three.
  Use: Copies the wearer's current flask buff but at a fraction of the power. Lasts 12 sec.

item  155881  Harlan's Loaded Dice
  How many buffs do you get when you roll? It looks like the buffs stack to 3, so maybe it picks 3 randomly?
  Equip: Your attacks and abilities have a chance to roll the loaded dice, gaining a random combination of Mastery, Haste, and Critical Strike for 15 sec.<br/><i>1.00 rppm</i>

item  158556  Siren's Tongue
  Triggered by spell: 268512.  Verify refresh rule.
  Equip: Your spells and abilities have a chance to heal you for 3145 over 6 sec.<br/><i>1.50 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  159610  Vessel of Skittering Shadows
  Triggered by spell: 270809.  Verify the speed of the pet creeping toward target. Is the damage done by the pet or player?
  Equip: Your damaging spells have a chance to summon a Volatile Shadeweaver, which creeps towards the target and explodes on contact, dealing 2396 Shadow damage divided evenly among enemies within 8 yards.<br/><i>2.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  159619  Briny Barnacle
  Triggered by spell 268191.  Verify refresh rule. When this "splashes" do the new targets get a fresh application or whatever time was left?
  Equip: Your attacks have a chance to inflict Choking Brine, dealing 200 damage every 1.0 sec for 6 sec. If the target dies with Choking Brine it splashes to all targets within 8 yds.<br/><i>4.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  159627  Jes' Howler
  Since the radius is 20 yards, assume this hits you and 4 other people.  Verify: make sure that assumption matches the majority of logs.
  Use: Let out a Motivating Howl, granting 765 Versatility for 12 sec split among you and up to 4 nearby allies. For each ally you motivate, you gain an additional 95 Versatility.<br/><i>120 sec cooldown</i>

item  159644  Geti'ikku, Cut of Death
  Verify refresh rule.
  Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to make the enemy bleed for 9167 Physical damage over 12 sec. You are healed for 8021 when an enemy dies while bleeding from Geti'ikku.<br/><i>1.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  159653  Bile-Stained Crawg Tusks
  Triggered by spell: 281720.  Verify refresh rule.
  Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to poison the enemy for 791 Nature damage over 9 sec, stacking up to 3 times.<br/><i>4.00 rppm</i>

item  159660  Servant Splitter
  Verify refresh rule. Is this reduced by armor?
  Equip: Strike your enemy with a powerful blow, dealing 1584 damage over 12 sec.<br/><i>1.69 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  160655  Syringe of Bloodborne Infirmity
  Verify refresh rule.
  Equip: Your attacks have a chance to cause Wasting Infection, dealing 2298 Shadow damage over 12 sec. Attacking an enemy suffering from Wasting Infection grants you 86 Critical Strike for 6 sec, stacking up to 5 times.<br/><i>1.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  161117  Berserker's Juju
  Verify rating value - spell data looks incomplete. In simulation, this trinket would only be worthwhile for a tank or healer, since we don't simulate damage taken for DPS.
  Use: Grants Haste based on percentage of maximum health that is missing.<br/><i>60 sec cooldown</i>

item  161182  Cracked Crawg Shackles
  Need an in-game test to determine what this pet does. For now we are using spell data damage and assuming it just attacks with 2.0 speed.
  Equip: Your attacks and spells have a chance to summon a Released Crawg to your side for 15 sec.<br/><i>1.00 * (1 + haste) rppm</i>

item  161375  Void Portal Stone
  There is no cooldown information for this item in spell data. This item might not be real.
  Use: Increase your Critical Strike by 263 every 2.0 sec. Lasts 14 sec.

item  163936  'Bygone Bee' Almanac
  Verify how much the buff/cooldown are extended/reduced
  Use: Increase your Mastery by 756 for 12 sec. Spending resources extends the duration of this effect, or if it is not active, reduces its cooldown.<br/><i>120 sec cooldown</i>

item  163937  Leyshock's Grand Compilation
  We need testing to figure out how this item works.
  Equip: Your damaging and healing spell casts grant you 20 of a secondary stat for 15 sec, based on the spell. These effects stack up to 3 times.

spell  agonysoulsharddriver  Agony Soul Shard Driver
  Verify this formula for BfA. Only blue post indicated a 15% increase from Legion, so that is the current implementation.

spell  angelsmercy  Angel's Mercy
  verify the max cooldown reduction

spell  awakening  Awakening
  Verify proc mechanics. For now we are assuming it still uses a "deck" proc type with a 20 card deck.

spell  brambles  Brambles
  Verify shield amount

spell  dampenharm  Dampen Harm
  Figure out how the damage reduction scales with the size of the hit.

spell  dungeondelver  Dungeon Delver
  Right now this is always on. Revisit if a significant number of raids/dungeons are outdoors and we want a way to specify that in boss scripts.

spell  fallout  Fallout
  Verify proc chance

spell  festeringwound  Festering Wound
  check to see if the 20% increase in 3 wound procs from cankerous wounds results in a 60% chance or 70% to get 3 festering wound stacks from festering strike.

spell  fireblood  Fireblood
  Right now we aren't considering the bonus from cleansing. If we decide to model that, revisit this spell.

spell  foodagility  Well Fed - Agility
  find the aura spell ID for BfA

spell  foodintellect  Well Fed - Intellect
  find the aura spell ID for BfA

spell  foodstamina  Well Fed - Stamina
  find the aura spell ID for BfA

spell  gluttony  Gluttony
  Verify the proc chance. Also verify if it can extend an active meta or just won't proc if you have meta.

spell  luminousbarrier  Luminous Barrier
  Can this crit?

spell  metamorphosis  Metamorphosis
  verify the behavior of this spell.  A 1 second channel time is added to account for the leap into the air. If you extend meta twice during the duration, the second extension seems to add in the channel time of eye beam. If you extend a demonic meta with meta, you only get 30 second extension - the "channel" of meta is not included.

spell  netherportal  Nether Portal
  Verify proc chances. Prince Malchezaar might be lower chance. Eyes of Gul'dan is able to summon more than one - random or based on shards spent? Does spending more shards have higher chance to summon "better" demons?

spell  potionofburstingblood  Potion of Bursting Blood
  double check if armor reduces this

spell  rage  Rage
  Confirm 1 sec ICD for rage from getting hit. This is the spell in logs for the rage gains from getting hit and auto attacks.

spell  summonrandomdemon  Summon Random Demon
  We use this spell to pick a random demon to summon from the Nether Portal or Inner Demons.  Verify proc chances. Prince Malchezaar might be rare compared to the other demons.

spell  timeanomaly  Time Anomaly
  Verify what the proc chance is, and what the "rules" are for when it can proc - like: it won't proc evocation during evocation, etc.

The proc starts as soon as you start channeling Evocation but refreshes the duration every tick.


Thanks much for the log! I will scratch this one off the list. I had it implemented mostly correctly - the only thing missing was the initial tick on cast start of Evocation.


Let me know if you cannot see it.

Thanks - looks like the full bonus is being added to each hit.

Tested on Raid Training Dummy, with no stuff but Heart of Azeroth and a chest with the trait.

Without Primal Elementalist:
EE Melee: 559 damage on average
Tremors: 412 damage overall

With Primal Elementalist:
EE Melee: 664 damage on average
Tremors: 412 damage overall

-> Tremors are not buffed by Primal Elementalist.

Thanks for the info. I am a little confused by the melee damage… I would expect the earth elemental’s melee damage to be 80% higher with Primal Elementalist. Unless the bonus from Rumbling Tremors is not getting multiplied?

To sort things out, I have cleared the azerite trait on the chest, and done the same test, using the same gear on the same dummy, but without the trait.

Without Primal Elementalist:
EE Melee: 109 damage on average
-> Difference with the previous test: 450

With Primal Elementalist:
EE Melee: 197 damage on average
-> Difference with the previous test: 467

~4% increase of the effect with PE, don’t really know what to make of this…

what is “SE” in your posts? Is that the Earth Elemental?

Yes, it’s the unfortunate consequence of a typo being copy/pasted all along.
Edited for clarity.

Could you tell me how much Versatility you have? Assuming you had stats the same with all these tests (with/without trait and with/without primal). I’m trying to figure out how it is calculating the melee damage.

It looks like the bonus from Rumbling Earth isn’t being multiplied by Primal Elementalist - but maybe it is being multiplied by your Versatility?

Same gear during all the tests: Only Heart of Azeroth and a chest: 167 Crit/Haste/Mastery, 0 versa.

AMR export string of the gear:

$63;EU;Ysondre;Maximaw;Déjà pris;11;2;120;14;10:48,15:207,12:100,13:1,4:42;1;.s1;28;1133121;.s2;29;;.s3;30;1111113;.q1;158075s2b1498b3434b1b2;232s5b-3438b3288b33a273597;.q3;154172s13b4213;1090s3b-2746b3308b10a280410a-11815a-4617;136s1b-3318b3308b10a9470a-5011a-4459;2617s8b-3293b3293b18;35s7b-3311b3293b18;25s2b-3305b3434b1b2;77s12b-3443b3293b18e5938;3s14b-4763b1452b3293b18;6s11b-3316b3298b18e0;939s16v118b-13b2;23s17v0b-2b2;171s15b-3295b3281b7;72s10b-3288b3281b7;29s5b-3288b3288b33a14735;8s6b-3336b3295b8;3905s9b-3283b3279b344e32;.inv;3173;3045;730;31734;0;6356;7684;288;633;17440;3755;6217;6344;21677;617;867;996;0;1953;79;1916;911;1684;373;2473;1673;1300;1;182;1;1;1;2;1;1;0;1;1;1;1;1;2;1;1;1;1;1;1;0;0;0;0;316;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;0;1;0;0;0;1;0;0;1;1;1;0;0;2562;1300;49;466b745b738b4b14x140837y425z14591p1478p2038p12q-2047q343q1704r-2031r2031r83;92b-755b741b3b12x-8747y4936z-15069p-2128p2045p34q-2060q2026q84r-2118r1924r110;24b-758b763b0b0x18880y-3z-3790p-2011p1820p274q-2094q1820q274r-2094r1820r275;1970;1299;248b1952b171x-480e5428;1136;1;1;1;2;14;73;75;229;2549;502b-1819b1819;39b-1819b1819;568;2550;1254;159;47;208;215;0;0;0;0;0;0;260;0;0;1;1923b-1819b1759;2407b-111b171;4898;1;1;1;1;0;438b-2128b2026b84;162b-2085b1810b275;344;35;1;1;27;1;54;37;200;7;0;1;1;146;415;230;504b601;5b-229b7;594;11;12;4;90;9;1;1;363b-2524b3308b10a280410a-11815a-4617;136b-3318b3308b10a9470a-5011a-4459;52v117b28b3e510;158;28;2146;62;45b-3329b3298;0b-3283b3283a16429;2b-3298b3298;34b-3278b3274b22;90b-3311b3293b18;32b-3321b3303b18;3b-3311b3293b18;102b-3311b3293b18e0;1b-3326b3308b18;2b-4763b1452b3293b18;6b-3316b3298b18e0;217;16v2b-13;416;64;5;31;190v-1b0b2;23v0b-2b2;79v2b-3085b3089;92b-3299b3281b7;64b-3288b3288b33;8b-3321b3281b7;19b-3288b3288b33a-6573;10b-3321b3288b33a4879;8b-3336b3295b8;61;333v0b-3084b3095;162;94;476;206;192;105b-4756b1447b3298b18;3b-3316b3298b18;18;48b-3316b3298b18;40b-3336b3318;68;1362;48b-3313b3303b10b166a1116a-11230a-4621;589;14;86b-3449b3279b344e32;410;123$

Right, I don’t know what I’m doing with this but I looked it up because my Teebu’s Scorching Straight Sword didn’t appear in my weapons list for Best in Bags. Here’s a log of 201 procs over 12.52 of me just AFK autoattacking with one equipped and a different offhand weapon, against 4 dummies with Rushing Jade Wind activated to try to maximise proc rate. I’m hoping this is enough data for you. If not, please give me direct instructions on what you need.


Hey - this information is very helpful! The one thing I need to know is how much haste you had when you made this log.

5.79% sorry, I assumed that’d be on the log like it normally was


Yeah for some reason it didn’t show up. It seems like the proc rate was pretty high on that firebolt - that log is showing like 15 ppm. I guess that’s ok considering the damage it does is really low.

Incidentally, this log has also helped me confirm the “high health” proc rate for Gutripper. Thanks again!

I’m glad I could help, the procs do seem rather front loaded as it can go from 0 procs for a long period of time then 10 over the next 8 seconds but I guess you can see that from the data, if you want me to do a 0 haste longer run or something just let me know.

BTW is there any way I can force this to show up in my AMR best in bags list? I’d like to be able to use it in a set (I change spec an awful lot, especially when WQing with friends due to PVP and 5 man WQs etc) and use the auto change set option but I keep having to manually equip it, which is a pain.

Cheers for all the work you’re putting in here!

BTW I have

azerite azeritefontoflife Font of Life
No proc rate information in spell data
Your Essence Font’s initial heal is increased by 253 and has a chance to reduce the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea by 1 sec.

But I’m not sure what a good testing methodology for the proc rate would be. It seems totally random I’ve seen it proc 7+ times on 2 Essence Fonts in a row just now, other times as low as 2. Does the even combat log or will I need to make a video for it?

You can lock it in by choosing it from the list when viewing the BiB result.

Yeah just looking at that log… it seems like it is most likely an rppm mechanic and not a flat % proc chance… but hard to say for sure.

I guess the other test we could do to confirm would be if you made a log where you were only hitting one target - like just auto-attacking a target for about the same amount of time. That would then give us enough info to say for sure if it is a % chance or rppm.

The even would show up in logs - although making a long log will be tedious because of the cooldown on Essence Font.

Even a few casts could give us some idea… from what you are saying it seems like it is a % chance… but figuring out that % will be difficult without a lot of data. We might have to wait until raid/mythic+ logs are available.