Weaker enchant marked as superior


on boots in bis gear amr prefers 3mp5 over vitality (4 mana and life per 5 sec) and says vitality is -0,08%. Uh? Why?

Another thing with that setup is unique gem in helmet 5crit 5 spell pene is recomended over 8 crit. I don’t think the spell penetration is worth it really? It’s not for meta gem, it will work either way and socket is yellow as well so the 8 crit should be simply superior?

I know what is happening with the mp5 enchant, I’ll fix that up. We were trying to fix one bug, created another!

Ok so enchant is fixed but:


The helmet still has a unique gem with spell penetration which is fairly useless. Why doesn’t it utilize the 10 spell crit from PvP honour rewards or other choice? Why does it push for spell penetration?

It needs two blue gems for the meta gem, it is using a green gem in that slot. I don’t see a gem that satisfies the blue requirement that is better than that one. I’m having trouble even finding this PvP gem you are mentioning anywhere - what is it called?

Gleaming Ornate Dawnstone - Item - TBC Classic (wowhead.com)
it uses 2pvp gems already just not this one. (theres 6 unique pvp gems. 3 for melee and 3 for casters and you can use all 3 at the same time as they are different colours. its really just extra 3 gems same like those from heroic dungeons).

As for the meta gem I see whats going on, after some tweeks on your side it no longer uses 2 unique purple gems in chest piece as it used to when I made the comment 3 days ago. However the crit + spell pene was used before while 2 purple were in the chest. Spell pene reduces spell resistance on target and no one uses it for pve purposes. So even tho you’re mentioning the green for meta gem to work, there was better option for meta to work than this one.

Lucky for me I made a copy:

Burning Crusade Gear Planner - TBC Classic (wowhead.com)

only difference was vitality enchant on boots and ofc the mentioned spell penetration gem in helmet. (Note the 2 unique purple gems in chest piece amr sugested 3 days ago).

Wether it uses the two purple gems or not after the tweeks in past 3 days,I still think it shouldnt use the spell penetration.

The margins we’d be talking about are insanely small.

We can’t simply brute-force the solution, unfortunately. There has to be some attempt at pruning the search space, which can sometimes leave a couple of stray stats on the table. In this case… you could probably get a very slightly higher score by locking in a different gem combo… but it is going to be imperceptible in the game.

It is actually very, very difficult to write optimizer code that can handle all of the unique gem and meta gem requirements. The fact that the gains for making a “perfect” setup are so insanely small is one of the major gripes I always had with the gearing system in TBC.