Weapon imported incorrectly

Weapon ilvl 1002. No matter if I update from Armory or I update from addon, I 've got an ilvl 987 weapon on Gear Explorer and Best in Bags. Relics are been read correctly, but not their ranks - I need to adjust them manually. While Best in Bags searching, on the left tab I get the 987 version, on the right tab I get the 1002 version. Ofc I tried opening the artifact weapon interface and the Netherlight Crucible.

Thank you for your time checking this.

Well, this is almost always caused because you need to open up the NLC interface with the addon enabled, but you say that you already did that…

Can you try one more time - making sure you have your spec activated and then open up the NLC window for at least a few seconds and see if the addon picks it up?

Thank you for your immediate response. Even though I followed your instructions, unfortunately the addon did not pick up neither the relics’ ranks neither the weapon ilvl. Forgot to say I have disabled every addon in the game but AMR. Obviously, the wrong weapon ilvl is being caused by the addon inability to read relic ranks. As a solution, I had to manually adjust the relic ranks and save the character, but I do not know if I will be forced to do that again every time I change a relic.

Strange… I’m not sure what would be causing that problem, since the addon definitely reads relic and artifact info. Maybe after manually changing it once it will get back in sync for you.