Weapon not appearing in Upgrade Finder?

Snapshot ID: b90bd6d2a68644de94ba475b8cd93e6b

My Great Vault currently has three gear pieces (that I have duplicates of already) and one weapon. The weapon is the same ilvl as my current one, but can be upgraded higher. However, when I run the upgrade finder on the site, it doesn’t show a score for the weapon. It shows that I have it in my vault, but when it doesn’t appear in the results. All three other gear pieces show up, it’s just the weapon.
This has happened before, but I didn’t think anything of it since it wasn’t an upgrade anyway.
I am a BM hunter, and the item is a gun, so it’s not an issue of one handers vs. two handers.

We’ll take a look, should be able to resolve this. We’re also working on an enhancement to the upgrade finder in general to better handle the different upgrade “tracks” that items have that lead to annoying gear upgrade situations, i.e. you have a higher ilvl version of an item than one that drops, but the one that drops has higher upgrade potential, so it should probably show as an upgrade.

(Side rant: we consider this upgrade track feature a design flaw on Blizzard’s part, but hey, gotta play the game that we got!)

We just posted an update that should resolve the issue of your weapon now showing up in great vault searches.