Web Page is messed up

The askmrrobot web page is MESSED UP, as of about a week ago (after a crash/reboot or whatever) the web page is extremely elongated (landscape mode) can someone please correct that, its messing up all my other web pages because I need to "Stretched out the askmrrobot page (tab))

You cant see that, just get on your web site and you will see, using Firefox but its the same problem with Chrome

I do not see this when I use the site… it seems that perhaps you have something going on with your browser that is zooming or stretching the web page maybe? I would have to see a screenshot probably to comment further.

You asked this a few days earlier too but never replied.
Nothing has changed recently for me, the web page displays how it has all expansion.
The only thing which comes to mind is browser zoom level, as Yellowfive mentioned. To reset it press ctrl-0, that’s a zero not an oh. Hopefully that solves it, if it doesn’t an image might help us work out why.

I have a similar issue. After cutting and pasting my WoW client data into the dialogue, the screen refreshes, but there is text called lock_open next to every row of the gear results thatm akes the output almost impossible to read. I have tested this both in Chrome as well as Edge and the issue persists across both.

It sounds like you are perhaps blocking web fonts from google. We use them for some of our icons. If you unblock that, it should render properly.

Spot on. Stupid pi-hole block list.