Web Server Upgrade

I’m running version 62 of Chrome and having no issues.

weird, I still have the same error … It tells me there is an error on the page and I need to relog. When I enter the username and password, there is still that 400 error and nothing else :frowning:

Is it possible that you are using something that strips off certain http headers? Some kind of browser plugin or VPN or proxy software? That would cause this issue.

Today: I did a full reset on the Chrome after logging off my google account. Test. Still received errors but was able to refresh two or three times before pages would load properly. Once that was done. I logged chrome back and it fully broke after syncing accounts again. I was not able to pin down what setting needs to be changed. My synced settings worked prior to the upgrade but now they don’t. I logged back out. Reset again. Logged back in setting sync to exclude settings. Again had to go through two or three refreshes to get pages to load but they loaded and can function. If anyone can pin a setting down on this, that would be great.

An update on the web server sometimes hanging:

I think that I have identified if not the cause of the issue, at least how to avoid it – those changes are in the works and will go live as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we have turned on some server configuration that should mitigate the issue if it does occur – it should take far less time to recover and become usable again. So if you do encounter an issue with the site hanging or returning an error after a long delay, try waiting 5 minutes and then refresh your browser window, it should come back.

Once again, sorry for the trouble this is causing… it has been a very stubborn issue to diagnose and solve.

We will be doing another server update tonight (probably late, after midnight PST) to help address the sporadic performance issues.

During the update, you may encounter errors, in particular with using custom gearing strategies that you have created yourself. These errors should only last for about an hour or so.

Also note that if you have any really old gearing strategies that are no longer supported, they will be removed automatically in this update. It is unlikely that anyone is still optimizing with these strategies, so most people won’t notice this.

The update is complete!

Please let us know if you encounter any issue with the update, or if any of your custom gearing strategies did not migrate to the new servers correctly. We have backup copies of all user-created strategies.