Website crash sequence

@yellowfive I ran into the CGI error, I’m aware of it so I waited a bit and tried again.
I got my character to load but when I went to do a sim it didn’t load that page properly, again I waited.
Another minute or two later I tried again and the page opened but then gave me the missing key error, however my character was loaded but there was no version selected.
Clicking on that drop-down menu it was empty:

I don’t know if this will help you track it down or not, just thought I’d post in case it does.

Thinking about it I suspect that as the server comes back up different bits will become available as the processes start, perhaps I just timed it poorly and got this?
Shortly after it loaded fine.

Usually just one of several servers will crash, so some requests are probably routing to good servers, and some to the one that is down.

I’m getting a bit closer… working on some code all weekend to see if it will fix it up.