Website error only on Chrome on one computer

Only on Chrome and only on my gaming computer I get this error going to
“Error The server encountered an error. Please try refreshing the page and/or logging out and back in.”

I’ve tried clearing Chromes cookies, cached content and history (for all time) without fixing it. If I hit F5 then the page will load normally without the error. To get a successful login, I need to hit the login button, hit F5 first, then login. Of course, I tried an F5 logging out and logging in without any difference.

Is that computer blocking anything? Like blocking domains, cookies, etc.? Do you see any errors in the console?

I can get to the website ok on firefox and cookies work fine for other websites in Chrome so it seems to be something app and site specific.

I found this error in the console when I try to logoff:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)

You could try clearing your cookies for askmrrobot, that’s the only thing I can think would cause that error – an old cookie from before one of our site updates is hanging around.

Yup, tried that. First just for askmrrobot, then for everything.

I guess my last resort is uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

Do you have any kind of special form auto-fill addons or features on that browser?

I have adblock, uBlock Origin (both disabled for askmrrobot) and Tab Position Customizer.

Those extensions are all installed in Chrome on another system that doesn’t get the error.

Don’t worry about it. I’ll just do a full uninstall and reinstall of Chrome later. Thanks for your help.

Uninstall and reinstall fixed it. Also deleted all the appdata folders too just to be sure.

Just a pain to get everything setup again.

Sorry about that… I’m at a loss as to what the error could have been… in theory clearing cache/cookies/etc. should be sufficient…